Dashilar Project has already moved on to next phases that will help realising the scheme to enable the area to regain energy and prosperity.

Launched in 2011, Dashilar Alley is a collaboration project between Dashilar Investment Co. Ltd., and Beijing Design Week. Art and design projects were brought into the old neighborhood, rejuvenating the long history and rich culture with a creative approach. The project has set a sample for the renewal of historical neighborhoods - while respecting the original urban fabrics, it explored the possibilities of old properties under a designed framework, setting up an appealing infrastructure for new business typologies.  
Dashilar Pilot is an important section in the area's Node Development renewal scheme. It is a long-term investment in creative projects which explore the possitilities of a wide range of collaborations between architects, designers, artists, local residents and business owners. Starting from setting a few samples in the area, the project aimes to activate the creativity with inside of Dashilar and to make a community that create and build together.