Beijing Guangan Holding Co., Ltd

Beijing Guangan Holding Co., Ltd is a state-owned enterprise under Xicheng District. The companies business scope spans from cultural heritage preservation to real-estate investment and infrastructure implemetation, each handled by one company under Guangan Holding, the stragety and brand planner for the overall group, which was established in 2010 as a result of an integration of several state-owned companies.

Guangan Holding is one of the first real-estate companies in China. The company has undertaken projects to renovate a number of old neighborhoods in Xichen District, as well as the construction of new developments and preservation of historical areas including Dashilar, and infrustructure development along Meishijie, Xihe Yanjie etc.

Guangan Holding is a leading organisation in community shaping and infrustructure development.

Beijing Dashilar Invesetment Co., Ltd
Beijing Dashilar Investment Limited is established in 2003 as a platform for the district and municipal government to collaborate on infrastructure and non-profit driven investments towards the long-term preservation of Dashilar historical area. As one of the 25 historical aeras in Beijing, a series of infrastructure projects were carried out throughout the area to improve overall facilities and life in the hutongs. After 2010, with the reorganization of Xicheng District, the company's main responsibilities fell into history and culture preservation projects, highlighted by the reinvention in Quanye Chang and Yangmeizhu Xiejie.
Beijing Dashilar-Liulichang Cultural Development Ltd
Beijing Dashilar-Liulichang Cultural Development Ltd is devoted to reinventing the inherent cultural assets of the Dashilar area with involvement of different layers of participation, from government level to independent business owners. Utilising existing businesses and urban fabrics,  key buildings such as former residences, theatres and shopping centres, the project aims to embed new industries to create new business, culture and art typologies.